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What is Bitcoins Brain? Bitcoins Brain is a cryptocurrency investment programs powered by an amazing brain-like artificial neural network "Infinity Brain". The network has been designed by the genius team of experts in trading, machine-learning and artificial intelligence. "Infinity Brain" is the quintessence of the most powerful human thinking algorithms ever created in the human history.
What security measures are taken by Bitcoins Brain? Security measures include powerful DDOS protection and a secure, trusted and recognized SSL certificate issued by VeriSign, Inc.
How many accounts can be created by each user? Each user can create only one account.
What is the minimum and maximum amounts to deposit? The minimum is 0.01 BTC and the maximum is 50 BTC per one deposit. There is no limit on a number of deposits you can have. All deposits are treated separately.
What options do I have to make a deposit? You can use Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payeer. Deposits made through any of the payment methods including Bitcoin are confirmed instantly.
Do you convert USD deposits made through Perfect Money and Payeer to Bitcoins? Yes and this is a huge benefit for you as you can see how fast Bitcoin price is growing. Conversion is based on the exchange rate.
How do you process withdrawals? All withdrawals are paid AUTOMATICALLY!
Every four hours at 0:00, 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00 GMT our system determines if your account's withdrawable balance is greater than or equal to 0.0001 BTC. If it is, we create a withdrawal request and process it within minutes. No night shifts. No weekends or holidays. You don't need to withdraw anything.
What is the minimum and maximum amounts to withdraw? The minimum is 0.0001 BTC and the maximum is not limited.
Do I understand correctly that, independently of deposit currency, withdrawals will be made via Bitcoin? Yes, you are absolutely right.
Do I get my initial deposit back? No, your initial deposit is included in interest payments.
Can I redeem my deposit, let's say, in 10 days? It's not possible to redeem your deposit at all as the deposit is paid out along with interest.
How I can reinvest my earnings? Since we pay automatically direct reinvesting from your available balance is not possible. If you want to reinvest you need to make a new deposit.
Do you offer guaranteed income? Yes, we never change interest rates for active deposits.
Do you have a referral program? Yes, we have 5-levels referral program. We pay from 1% to 5% commission on deposits made by your referrals. The actual commission rate is determined by the referral level.
Can I earn referral commission without depositing funds? Yes, you are welcome to join our referral program for free.
Do you have banners? There are currently no banners available to download. Please check back for updates in 2-3 days.
Are there any hidden fees? No, there are no hidden fees.
What do I do if I have a problem that I couldn't solve after reading this FAQ? Please feel free to contact us any of the ways listed on our Contact page.